Graduate Students

Neelesh Soni

He completed his BS-MS dual degree (Interdiciplinary Science) from IISER, Pune. He pursued his final year research project on structure determination of Intermediate Filament in our lab at BII, Singapore in 2012.

Subsequently, he joined our Lab at IISER Pune as a Research Fellow in 2013, continuing the modeling of keratin structure. He is interested in developing tools to solve biological problems using mathematical and computational geometric approaches.

Some of the tools developed by him are Disctransformation, Cell_list, CoulombPP, MVCG that are currently been used in the lab extensively.

Research Interests:

Currently, he is working on multiple research projects such as Keratin filament structure prediction, Protein-Ligand binding, Sumoylation Database Server (available locally at:, CLICK.
Apart from coding, he loves playing chess and riding bike.


Yogendra Ramtirtha

Hey, this is Yogendra Ramtirtha (yogi). I joined IISER-Pune (and the lab) as a Ph.D. student in August, 2014. I did my Integrated M.Sc. Biotechnology from Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology (IBB), Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).

Research Interests:

I am interested in studying micro-environment of amino acid residues in protein structures that undergo post-translational modfications and also to study how do these modifications bring about changes in interactions between different proteins. In my free time, I like to go out on a trip, read some articles related to history, watching movies and listening to music.


Neeladri Sen

Hey, This is Neeladri Sen, an Int PhD Student who joined the lab for pursuing PhD in December 2014. Completed my Bachelors of Science(Microbiology) from St. Xavier's, Kolkata in 2012. Other than this, in free time I can keep myself glued to T.V./Laptop watching cartoons,movies or shows. In addition, I have some interest in painting too.

Current: Integrated PhD

Research Interests:

I am interested in looking at various aspects of protein-protein interfaces and residue depth (distance of the residue from the solvent molecule). I had created depth dependent amino acid substitution matrices for predicting deleterious mutations. I am presently developing various techniques for correct prediction of protein-protein interfaces. I am creating database for protein-protein interface for predicting interfaces using structural similarity. I am also developing depth dependent potentials for the same in collaboration with Prof. Maya Topf, Birkbeck College, UK. In the future, I plan to utilize the above principles to design protein-protein interface.


Sanjana Nair

I am originally from Mumbai and did my Bachelor's in Microbiology from the Ramnarain Ruia College affiliated to the University of Mumbai. I joined as an Integrated PhD student in IISER in the year 2014. Even though a PhD in computational biology was not what I had in mind initially, I found it interesting and stuck with it! I like reading fiction, watching TV shows, listening to music and creating artsy stuff in my free time.

Research Interests:

The primary research goal for my PhD involves delineating rules that dictate specificity between DNA and proteins. Even though for certain structural families there is a recognition code, our goal is to establish molecular level similarities that are topology independent and universally applicable. This ambitious project has far reaching consequences as it could lead to design of proteins specifically targeting regions of interest on the genome and thus having wide ranging applications in revolutionizing agriculture, medicine and gene editing techniques.


Tejashree Kanitkar

I did my Masters in Bioinformatics from Bioinformatics Centre, SPPU.I have been associated with this lab since 2016 and joined as a PhD student in 2017. I am a foodie and listening to music is my hobby.

Research Interests:

I am currently working on developing a tool for protein structure refinement.I am interested in working on aspects of GPCR signal transduction mechanism.


Project Students

Ankit Roy

I am a 5th year integrated MSc student of Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology (IBB), Pune.

Research Interests:

I am interested in Cell and Molecular Biology with a keen interest in Computational Biology and Data Analysis. My earlier projects include, cloning and over expression of an anti-microbial peptide from Bacillus licheniformis to Escherichia coli BL21-AI. Currently I am working on a project which aims to model the 3D structures of the complete proteome of Plutella xylostella.



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UnderGrad Students

Kaustubh Amritkar

I am a fourth year BS-MS student at IISER-Pune and joined this lab in May 2017. I like going on treks and playing football.

Research Interests:

I work on improving the accuracy of comparative protein 3D structure modeling by removing the improperly modeled regions. Currently, I am also working on the construction of a library of small molecule binding site descriptors.


Swastik Mishra

I am a BSMS 2014-19 student at IISER Pune, currently doing my fifth year thesis project in this lab.
My broad research interests are in the field of computational structural biology. Currently, I am trying to develop a method to identify improperly packed regions in protein structure models, by comparing 3D structural motifs in models to known motifs in the PDB database. This may later be used for protein structure refinement purposes.
Other than this, I am into graphic design and painting. I also consume a ton of movies, TV shows, and graphic novels. At times, I go trekking to various places around Pune.


Prerana Kumar

I am Prerana, a fourth year BS-MS student at IISER Pune. My research interests lie in the field of computational biology. I also enjoy dancing, singing, playing table tennis, and reading in my free time.

Research interests:

I am working on improving the accuracy of residue depths computed by DEPTH, by analyzing molecular dynamics (MD) simulation trajectories.


Tanayaa Bhagdikar

I am Tanayaa Bhagdikar, a 4th yr BS-MS student at IISER Pune.
My research interests include Genetics, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics. I am currently working on protein-protein interaction models.


Scientific Programmer

Gulzar Singh

ढूँडता फिरता हूँ मैं 'इक़बाल' अपने आप को
आप ही गोया मुसाफ़िर आप ही मंज़िल हूँ मैं

Bachelors in Biotechnology. Masters in Bioinformatics.


Interested in understanding the functioning of Body and Universe.
Research interests include Genetics, Proteomics, Epigenetics, Bioinfomatics Algorithms & tools.

About Me:

Likes anime, comics, sketching, Shayari, gardening, flowers, bees, Programming, Coding gadgets(not earning enough to buy much).
Loner, yet friendly, you can talk with me anytime.

Stalk me at: