Neeladri Sen

Hey, This is Neeladri Sen, an Int PhD Student who joined the lab for pursuing PhD in December 2014. Completed my Bachelors of Science(Microbiology) from St. Xavier's, Kolkata in 2012. Other than this, in free time I can keep myself glued to T.V./Laptop watching cartoons,movies or shows. In addition, I have some interest in painting too.

Current: Research Associate – Prof. Christine Orengo, UCL

Research Interests:

My PhD was on “Characterizing Protein Surfaces for Binding Associations”. During my PhD we created a library of protein-protein and domain-domain interfaces and studied the interfaces structurally. We also studied coiled-coil interfaces to identify and score such interfaces. In addition, I studied the physico-chemical properties of interfaces to develop a scoring scheme to distinguish between native and non-native interfaces. I also developed a decision tree based scoring scheme to identify hotspot residues at interface. Along with studying protein-protein interfaces, we also studied protein-small molecule interface to predict and identify off target proteins for drugs. I was also a part of the team to predict and identify inhibitors against the Nipah proteome. In addition, we also developed environment dependent substitution matrices and used it to predict deleterious mutations.


Ankit Roy

I am doing PhD in MPI

Research Interests:

I am interested in Cell and Molecular Biology with a keen interest in Computational Biology and Data Analysis. My earlier projects include, cloning and over expression of an anti-microbial peptide from Bacillus licheniformis to Escherichia coli BL21-AI. Currently I working on a project which aims to model the 3D structures of the complete proteome of Plutella xylostella.


Tanayaa Bhagdikar

I am Tanayaa Bhagdikar, a 4th yr BS-MS student at IISER Pune.
My research interests include Genetics, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics. I am currently working on protein-protein interaction models.


Dayal Singh

I am a 3rd BS-MS student at IISER Pune. I joined the lab in December 2016.

Research Interests

My research interest includes developing algorithm and methods for solving scientific problems. I am working on a method to find Linear Motifs in proteins sequences.


Kaustubh Amritkar

I am a fourth-year BS-MS student at IISER-Pune and joined this lab in May 2017. I like going on treks and playing football.

Research Interests:

I work on improving the accuracy of comparative protein 3D structure modeling by removing the improperly modeled regions. Currently, I am also working on the construction of a library of small molecule binding site descriptors.


Swastik Mishra

I am a BSMS 2014-19 student at IISER Pune, currently doing my fifth year thesis project in this lab.
My broad research interests are in the field of computational structural biology. Currently, I am trying to develop a method to identify improperly packed regions in protein structure models, by comparing 3D structural motifs in models to known motifs in the PDB database. This may later be used for protein structure refinement purposes.
Other than this, I am into graphic design and painting. I also consume a ton of movies, TV shows, and graphic novels. At times, I go trekking to various places around Pune.


Prerana Kumar

I am Prerana, a fourth year BS-MS student at IISER Pune. My research interests lie in the field of computational biology. I also enjoy dancing, singing, playing table tennis, and reading in my free time.

Research interests:

I am working on improving the accuracy of residue depths computed by DEPTH, by analyzing molecular dynamics (MD) simulation trajectories.


Minh N. Nguyen (BII, Singapore)

Hey, I am a Research Scientist at Bioinformatics Institute, Singapore. He obtained his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from the School of Computer Engineering in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Research Interests:

His research interests are in the areas of modelling the 3D structures of biomolecular complexes and predicting protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions. His current focus is on docking of ligands to protein/RNA and developing computational techniques to study the interactions between biomolecules and small molecule ligands. He has made several contributions in his areas of research, and his software tools have been widely used and cited. He has published over 35 peer-reviewed journal/conference papers and book chapters.

Sagar Gore (Hans Knoll Institute, Germany)

I completed my masters in biotechnology with multitude of interdisciplinary courses.

Research Interests:

While doing short time curricular project I go t interested in how structural biology plays a key role in green fluorescent protein's fluorescence. I got an opportunity to work on quantum mechanical and molecular modeling projects to pursue my research interest further. I wish to contribute to computer aided drug design projects by studying the specificity of ligand protein interactions at the electronic level in the longer run.

Abhilesh Dhawanjewar (University of Nebraska, USA) Research Interests:

I am broadly interested in the field of Evolutionary Biology, especially in the Evolution of Genetic Networks. My current interests include the coevolution of Mitochondrial-Nuclear interactions and I am keen on employing an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the role of Mitochondrial-Nuclear networks and genetic incompatibilites in speciation.

Dr. Shipra Gupta

Shipra Gupta was a Research Associate at IISER, Pune. Before joining the IISER, she was working as a research associate in Bioinformatics center, University of Pune. She obtained her Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from King George's Medical University, Lucknow, India.

Her research interests are in molecular modelling the 3D structures of biomolecular complexes, predicting protein-protein and molecular dynamics simulations.

Research Interests:

Her current focus was on modelling the 3D structures of biomolecular complexes and to check how does protein properties change during molecular dynamics simulations. She has made serveral contributions in her areas of research. She has published over 12 peer-reviewed papers and reviews and one book chapters.

Kuan Pern Tan (Singapore)

I am currently graduate student in School and Computer Engineering (NTU Singapore) and Bioinformatics Institute (A*STAR Singapore). My research interest is with the modeling of protein 3D structure, as well as prediction/design of their biological functions.

Research Interests:

The broad aim of my current work is the characterization of protein environments. Several biological utilities derived from my research include protein small molecule binding site prediction, design of temperature-sensitive mutant of protein, characterization of protein hydrogen bond and prediction of the mutational effect on protein functions.

Binh Thanh Nguyen (Singapore)

I am currently doing my PostDoc with Prof. Chandra Verma in Bioinformatics Institute (A*STAR Singapore).

Research Interests:

My research interest is studying the protein-peptide interaction. Particularly, I am interested in the polyproline type II helices of peptide and its receptor.

Akash Bahai

I completed my BS-MS degree from IISER, Pune in December 2015.

I am doing my PhD from Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung