• 1. Download the stand alone program

    Download the 64 bit version Download the 32 bit version

  • 2. Extract the compressed package, execute the following command on the command prompt:


  • 3. Test CLICK program: first change the directory to the extracted folder(using (A)) and then execute the command in (B)

    (A) cd Click_X86_64/Click_i686

    (B) ./click ./data/1xxa-1tig/1xxa.pdb ./data/1xxa-1tig/1tig.pdb

  • 4. Output file description:

    1xxa-1tig.pdb.1.clique: Lists Structure Overlap (SO%), RMSD, and and the details of matched atom pairs for the first alignment.
    1xxa-1tig.1.pdb and 1tig-1xxa.1.pdb: Are transformation PDB files of 1xxa and 1tig, respectively, for the first alignment.

  • Please look at README for a full description of CLICK command line.